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When one wants to graduate in the Netherlands they have to take part in an integration test. Originally this test functions as a tool for the government to understand if the person that takes the test understands the Dutch values and is able to function is the Dutch society. But can a test determine if one is integrated? Tools of Integration questions the Dutch integration system. Through following people in different stages of their integration we want to create an idea of the actual struggles they face within dealing with the Dutch language, culture and rituals. In the additional documentary “Food Path” we compare the Dutch integration system to the one of India. We follow CJ who moved from India to the Netherlands and Nicolas who moved from France to India, both with the goal to sell their local cuisine in a foreign country. How are there experiences with creating

a business in a foreign country?



In collaboration with Jan van Riesenbeck and Sebas Reneman

What we noticed is that integration is not achieved by a test, but by social infrastructure. Many Dutch cities lack places where expats, immigrants and locals meet. Social infrastructures that provide these meeting spots are vital to the integration in a city. How can we create a platform that does not force people to integrate but stimulates social contact?


From our research and conversations with experts in the field we designed the app Traide. The Traide app offers a platform where people can exchange skills or tasks. e app was inspired by Mohammed who had trouble doing his Dutch paperwork and offered to cook food for somebody who could help him with it. It is in these small tasks that we can help each other out and nd social contact. e app is accesible for everybody. One can place a quest for a task and offer his or her skills in return. e app becomes a tool for people to help each other out and at the same time meet people in their neighborhood that they would normally not get in contact with.


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