Revealing the

hidden stories of veenhuizen's 




If the Colonies of Benevolence would qualify as UNESCO heritage, it would have a big impact on the architecture in the villages. To be on the UNESCO list, the first idea of the Colonies has to be visible in the villages, and a restoration of the monuments would have to take place. However, the monuments show diverse layers of history that Veenhuizen went through, and if put in the wrong hands, the restoration could lead to the loss of a part of the identity. I researched the hidden stories and layers of the monuments, and by using light, found a way to integrate the stories in the buildings without harming the various layers of history. I designed a tour which guides you along Veenhuizen’s monuments; and if you are at the right place at the right time, it will reveal its hidden stories.


With this tour I want to promote appreciation of different layers of history in the architectural heritage using the valuable

connective power of small and personal




I selected six monuments, all with a different function, for which I collected stories from the 19th century until now. Through researching the architecture and interviewing the citizens about their memories connected to the buildings I was able to capture the changes that the village went through and how it affected the village and itʼs citizens. The silo, for example, was originally a symbol for the self sustainable village. When the village lost its function as colony the silo lost its

function too, it became a place people rather forgot. The stages the silo went through portray the village, how could the architecture keep telling this story of trial and error of a village in search for itʼs identity?



I used light, an important

element in architecure, as a way

to reveal the hidden stories of

the monuments. By creating an

installation of sylkscreened

mirrors. The mirrors are placed

in front of the monument, when

the sunlight hits the mirror the

stories reveal itself on the




A tour brings visitors to the

monuments at the time the stories

are reveald and at the same time

informes them all the other stories

and history that these buildings